Youth Physical Wellness Certificate

Earn a certificate in Youth Physical Wellness Programming


The Youth Physical Wellness Programming Certificate prepares you to design programs that address obesity and lack of physical activity in children. You'll be specifically prepared to work in unattached school-time settings, such as day and summer camps. 

What you'll learn

You'll take away best practices for youth physical wellness programming, including how to address childhood obesity and lack of physical activity. You'll develop skills for teaching preschool and elementary aged children, as well as children with special needs, and you'll learn the principles of childhood nutrition, healthy menu planning, and food programs.

You'll also have opportunities to practice what you learn in unattached school time settings, such as day and summer camps. 

  • HPER-P157 Teaching Individual and Dual Activities
  • HPER-H160 First Aid and Emergency Care
  • HPER-H317 Topical Seminar in Health Education
  • HPER-P258 Performance and Teaching of Activities for Persons with Special Needs
  • HPER-P290 Movement Experiences for Preschool and Elementary Children
  • HPER-N220 Nutrition for Health
  • FN31300 Principles of Healthy Menu Planning and Food Programs
  • HPER-P498 Practicum in Physical Education and Athletics