Wellness Coaching Minor

Prepare to become a wellness coach


Wellness coaches may work with clients in a variety of areas, including behavior change, stress management, relaxation techniques, time management, smoking cessation, weight loss, or exercise programing. Wellness coaches rely on their multidisciplinary training to determine a clients’ readiness to change, help them determine short- and long- term goals in any area related to wellness, and guide clients to achieve their goals. 

What you'll learn

You'll learn the principles of coaching, lifestyle wellness, and physical activity as well as how to teach healthly behaviors and habits.

  • HPER-H180 Stress Prevention and Management
  • HPER-H195 Principles and Applications of Lifestyle Wellness
  • HPER-H317 Topical Seminar in Health Education: Applied Wellness Coaching & Motivational Interviewing
  • HPER-P421 Special Topics in Physical Education: Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity and Exercise

Choose one course from each category:

Category A

  • HPER-P216 Current Concepts and Applications in Physical Fitness
  • HPER-H315 Consumer Health
  • HPER-H366 Health Problems in the Community
  • PSY-B365 Health Psychology
  • SHRS-W361 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Category B

  • HPER-N220 Nutrition for Health
  • FN 31300 Principles of Healthy Menu Planning and Food Preparation
  • FN 33000 Diet Selection and Planning