Tourism Management Minor

Minor in Tourism Management


The Tourism Management minor helps you land a career in destination marketing organizations, tourist attractions, travel businesses, and tourist leisure services.

What you'll learn

You'll focus on the management, marketing, and product development of destination marketing organizations (DMOs), such as convention and visitors' bureaus and state tourism offices. You'll also examine the relationships among tourism, sustainability, and development at local, state, national, and international levels.

  • TCEM-G100 Introduction to the Tourism Industry
  • TCEM-T107 Tourism Planning and Development
  • TCEM-T207 Tourism Policy and Sustainability
  • TCEM-T208 Global Tourism Geography

Choose 3 hours from the following elective courses:

  • TCEM-T234 Cultural Heritage Tourism - 3
  • TCEM-T307 Tourism Marketing and Sales - 3
  • TCEM-G309 Cruise Line Management - 3
  • TCEM-T319 Sports Tourism Development - 3
  • TCEM-T382 Travel Trends and Destinations - 3
  • TCEM-T483 Ecotourism - 3