Sports Tourism Development Certificate

Earn a certificate in Sports Tourism Development


The Sports Tourism Development Certificate will prepare you for a career in amateur or professional sports, sport commissions, and other sport tourist leisure services.

What you'll learn

You'll go behind the scenes of sport event planning—site selection, logistics, personnel, marketing, economics, and legalities—and you'll examine how sports make an impact on community and business growth. Depending on your interests, you may choose to study sport journalism, sport marketing, sport sociology, or other special topics.

  • TCEM-T107 Tourism Planning and Development
  • TCEM-E219 Management of Sports Events
  • TCEM-T319 Sport Tourism Development
  • TCEM-C387 Industry Internship

Choose at least 9 credit hours from the following list of elective courses:

  • TCEM-G299 Special Topics in Tourism: Tourist Behavior or Hosting a Sports Mega Event - 3
  • HPER-P333 Sport in America - 3
  • JOUR-J150 Introduction to Sport Journalism - 3
  • TCEM-H205 Facility Operations - 3

OR up to 1 of the 3 credit hours from the list below:

  • HPER-P392 Sport in American Society - 3
  • HPER-P418 Sport Marketing - 3
  • TCEM-T329 Tourism Sports Marketing - 3