Personal Training Certificate

Prepare to become a certified personal trainer


The Personal Training Certificate gives you a basic understanding of the principles of personal training. You'll complete academically relevant courses that will prepare you to sit for one of three national certification exams:

National Strength and
Conditioning Association (NSCA)
American College of
Sports Medicine (ACSM)
American Council on
Exercise (ACE)

What you'll learn

You'll learn the basics of human anatomy and physiology, exercise techniques, and program design.

  • BIO-N212 Human Biology I
  • BIO-N213 Human Biology Laboratory
  • BIO-N214 Human Biology II
  • BIO-N215 Human Biology Laboratory


  • BIO-N261 Human Anatomy
  • BIO-N217 Human Physiology


  • HPER-P205 Structural Kinesiology
  • HPER-P215 Principles and Practice of Exercise Science
  • HPER-N220 Nutrition for Health
  • HPER-P246 Performance and Teaching of Cardiovascular and Resistance Training
  • HPER-P373 Resistance Exercise and Sports Conditioning
  • HPER-P403 Rhythmic Aerobic Training