Leadership and Military Science Minor

Minor in Leadership and Military Science


A minor in Leadership and Military Science prepares students interested in pursuing a career as an Officer in the United States Army. Those who complete the academic and hands-on courses of instruction, and are otherwise eligible, can be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. In seeking the Scholar-Athlete-Leader student, the program offers a wide variety of leadership experiences, academic challenges, and unique learning opportunities not available with any other department. The competencies developed in this minor will encourage individuals to master the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the Army.

What you'll learn

The principles of leadership learned and utilized by the students, develop skills which are in high demand today both in the private sector and in the military.

*Minor Prerequisite:  MIL-G101/102 and MIL-G201/202 or Basic Combat Training or Basic Camp Credit

  • MIL-G301 Training Management and the Warfighting Functions
  • MIL-G302 Applied Leadership in Small Unit Operations
  • MIL-G321 Military History and Leadership
  • MIL-G331 Cadet Leadership Course**
  • MIL-G401 The Army Officer
  • MIL-G402 Company Grade Leadership

**MIL-G331 Prerequisite: Attendance and successful completion of U.S. Army Cadet Command Advanced Camp