Hospitality Management Minor

Minor in Hospitality Management


The Hospitality Management minor will lead you to a career in lodging, restaurants, bars, clubs, convention and conference centers, event venues, catering companies, and other hospitality service businesses.

What you'll learn

You'll learn the ins and outs of the tourism industry, including how to best meet guests' needs at hotels, how to manage venues, and best practices for catering.

  • TCEM-G100 Introduction to the Tourism Industry
  • TCEM-H105 Lodging Management and Operations
  • TCEM-H205 Managing and Operating Facilities
  • TCEM-H305 Food and Beverage Operations
  • TCEM-C387 Industry Internship

Choose 3 hours from the following elective courses:

  • TCEM-H191 Sanitation and Health in Food Service, Lodging, and Tourism - 3
  • TCEM-H318 Beer, Wine, and Spirits Management - 3
  • TCEM-H371 Convention Sales and Service - 3