Health Education Minor

Minor in Health Education


The Health Education minor gives you the knowledge and skills for promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing disease. This minor adds a health focus to majors and career tracks such as teaching, nursing, social work, and public health.

What you'll learn

You'll learn the principles of health, wellness, physical fitness, and nutrition, as well as how to address health problems on a community level.

You'll also choose from a list of electives that include marriage and family interaction, human sexuality, stress prevention, women's health, and drug use.

  • HPER-H195 Principles and Application of Lifestyle Wellness
  • HPER-N220 Nutrition for Health or HPER-FN30300 Essentials of Nutrition
  • HPER-H366 Health Problems in the Community 
  • HPER-P215 Principles and Practices of Exercise Science or HPER-P216 Current Concepts and Applications in Physical Fitness

Choose 6 hours from the following elective courses:

  • HPER-F258 Marriage and Family Interaction - 3
  • HPER-F255 Human Sexuality - 3
  • HPER-H180 Stress Prevention and Management - 3
  • HPER-H305 Women's Health - 3
  • HPER-H315 Consumer Health - 3
  • HPER-H317 Workshop in Health Education - 3
  • HPER-H318 Drug Use in American Society - 3
  • HPER-H352 Secondary School Health Curriculum and Instruction - 3
  • HPER-H363 Personal Health - 3
  • HPER-H350 Complementary/Alternative Approaches to Health - 3
  • HPER-H464 Coordinated School Health Programs - 3