Events Management Certificate

Earn a certificate in Events Management


The Events Management Certificate prepares students for careers in planning corporate and nonprofit meetings and events, as well as planning special events such as weddings, conferences, and festivals.

What you'll learn

You'll be exposed to elements of convention and meeting sales, international meeting planning, nonprofit meeting planning, special events planning, and sporting events management.

In addition to courses offered through Tourism, Conventions, and Event Management, students can select from a number of related specialty courses from the Kelley School of Business, the Department of Organizational Leadership and Supervision, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, the School of Journalism, and the Department of Museum Studies.

  • TCEM-E104 Principles of Event Management
  • TCEM-E304 Mechanics of Event Planning
  • TCEM-E404 Event Production
  • TCEM-C387 Industry Internship

Choose 9 hours from the following elective courses:

Social/Cultural/Special Events

  • TCEM-E210 Special Event Management - 3
  • TCEM-G299 Special Topics in Tourism: Wedding Industry - 3
  • TCEM-T234 Cultural Heritage Tourism - 3
  • MSTD-A101 Understanding Museums - 3

Sports Events

  • TCEM-E219 Management of Sports Events - 3
  • TCEM-G299 Special Topics in Tourism: Hosting a Sports Mega-Event - 3
  • TCEM-T329 Tourism Sports Marketing - 3

Association/Non-Profit/Fundraising Events

  • TCEM-E477 Non-profit Meeting Management - 3
  • SPEA-V211 Nonprofit and Volunteer Sector - 3
  • SPEA-V362 Nonprofit Management and Leadership - 3
  • JOUR-J431 Public Relations for Nonprofits - 3
  • PHST-P301 The History of and Contemporary Approaches to Philanthropy - 3

Corporate Meetings/Business Events

  • Convention Sales and Service - 3
  • Exhibit Marketing - 3
  • International Meeting Planning - 3
  • Go Green - 3