Dance Minor

Minor in Dance


The Dance minor will help you discover and develop your talents as a dancer. 

What you'll learn

You'll get a thorough understanding of dance as both a physical skill and a creative-movement form. 

You'll focus on technique and choreography, and you'll perform pieces created by faculty or yourself. You'll also have opportunities to join the IUPUI Moving Company, and to attend state and national dance conferences. 

  • D202 Intermediate Ballet Technique
  • D218 Modern Jazz Dance Technique
  • E154 Beginning Tap Dance
  • E255 Intermediate Modern Dance


  • D211 Advanced Technique I
  • E355 Advanced Modern Dance
  • J400 Advanced Ballet


  • D201 Modern Dance Workshop I
  • D201 Modern Dance Workshop II
  • D221 Dance Composition I
  • D441 Dance Production I
  • D332 Dance and the Allied Arts II or MUS-P110 or MUS-P120 Beginning Piano
  • COMM-T144 Introduction to Acting
  • P224 Teaching of Dance Activities
  • BIOL-N261 Human Anatomy or P205 Structural Kinesiology

Choose 6 hours from the following elective courses:

  • D101 Beginning Ballet Technique - 1
  • D110 Beginning Modern Jazz Dance - 1
  • D201 Modern Dance Workshop I - 1
  • D222 Dance Composition 2 - 2
  • D331 Dance and the Allied Arts - 3
  • D421 Choreographics Performance Project - 2
  • E154 Beginning Tap Dance - 1
  • E155 Beginning Modern Dance - 1
  • P421 Dance in the Movies - 3
  • P495 Laboratory Teaching - 1