Beverage Management Services Certificate

Earn a certificate in Beverage Management Services


The Beverage Management Services Certificate is designed to give you expert knowledge of wines, beers, and spirits around the world. You'll be prepared for a supervisory position in bars, restaurants, clubs, catering businesses, and other food operations—for example, running an upscale restaurant or advising bar staff, management, and customers with making beverage selections. 

What you'll learn

You'll explore the business of wine, beer, and spirits management, including menu selection, service styles, delivery outlets, safety, and guest relations. You'll also learn the principles of sanitary and public health as they apply to food service and lodging operations. You'll taste wines, beers, and spirits of the world, and learn how to properly pair wine with food.

Tasting courses require students to be 21 or older.

  • TCEM-H191 Sanitation and Health in Food Service, Lodging, and Tourism
  • TCEM-H305 Food and Beverage Operations
  • TCEM-H318 Beer, Wine, and Spirits Management

Choose 9 hours from the following elective courses:

  • TCEM-H218 Wines of the World - 3
  • TCEM-H308 Western European Wines - 3
  • TCEM-H328 Beers of the World - 3
  • TCEM-H385 Spirits of the World - 3
  • TCEM-H408 Food and Wine Pairing - 3