M.S. in Event Tourism

Research Track

Use data management and marketing research to make better decisions when managing sports and cultural events or strategic meetings.

Sport Event Tourism Track

Prepare for a management position in sports commissions, chambers of commerce, event ownership, and more.

What you'll learn

The Master of Science degree includes 35 hours of major topics, 9 hours of pre-requisite courses, and 6 hours of electives. Each graduate student is assigned an advisor who helps plan their course of study based on goals and experience.

Research Track

You'll cover the foundations of event tourism, with a focus on research and data interpretation. Depending on your interests, you'll explore the management side of sports tourism, cultural tourism, or strategic meetings. You'll also choose from a list of electives that cover human resource management, statistical analysis, and topics in public affairs.

  • HPER-T590 Introduction to Research in Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation
  • HPER-T591 Interpretation of Data in Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation
  • TCEM-599 Master's Thesis
  • Graduate level statistics course
  • TCEM-500 Foundations of Event Tourism
  • TCEM-531 Event Tourism Marketing
  • TCEM-562 Economics of Event Tourism
  • TCEM-519 Sports Tourism Management OR
  • TCEM-534 Cultural Tourism Management OR
  • TCEM-571 Strategic Meeting Management
  • TCEM-472 Global Tourism Seminar
  • 300 or higher level undergraduate statistics course
  • SPEA-V506 Statistical Analysis for Effective Decision Making
  • SPEA-V507 Data Analysis and Modeling - Public Affairs
  • SPEA-V521 Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector
  • SPEA-V522 Human Resource Management in Nonprofit Organizations
  • SPEA-V525 Management in the Nonprofit Sector
  • SPEA-V526 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations
  • SPEA-V550 Topics in Public Affairs
  • SPEA-V558 Funding Development for Nonprofits
  • SPEA-V539 Management Science