Nancy Barton


Senior Lecturer

(317) 274-9312
(317) 278-2041


IU School of Physical Education and Tourism Management - IUPUI
901 W. New York Street, Ste. 250
Indianapolis, IN


  • M.S., Physical Education, Indiana University, Bloomington 1987
  • B.A., Arts and Humanities, Indiana University, Bloomington 1976
  • Certified Exercise Physiologist, American College of Sports Medicine, 1985–Present
  • Certified Wellness and Health Coach, Real Balance Global Wellness, 2017–Present
  • Paralegal Certificate, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, 1986
  • Foundation of Banking Certificate, Indiana Central College, American Institute of Banking, 1983


I came to IUPUI in Spring 2004 as an Adjunct Faculty member after having been employed for nearly two decades at St. Vincent Hospital and Health Services in Indianapolis, IN.

My area of expertise at St. Vincent was wellness and health promotion services. Clients were corporate, hospital associates (employees) and the community. I created and delivered innovative health and wellness interventions to improve the health status of our clients. In 2003 as a result of reorganization at St. Vincent, the health promotion services department was eliminated. I then brought my talents to the Department of Kinesiology in the IU School of Physical Education and Tourism Management at IUPUI(PETM).

In 2004 as an Adjunct Faculty member at PETM, I developed and expanded courses with a distinctive teaching philosophy.

I became a Visiting Lecturer in 2006 and a full-time Lecturer in 2008 and serve in that role to the present time. 

I have been a leader in delivering wellness and stress reduction programs across campus and as a guest lecturer in classes for other faculty members. I have served as a speaker at department and school staff meetings, retreats and special events in the wider community.

Courses Taught

  • HPER-H 180 Stress Prevention and Management
  • HPER-H 195 Principles and Applications of Lifestyle Wellness
  • HPER-H 315 Consumer Health
  • HPER-H 350 Complementary and Alternative Approaches to Health


  • Barton, N. (2014, November 8). Flip Out!. Poster presentation at the FALCON (FACET) conference for Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers, Indianapolis, IN
  • Remington, D., Barton, N., Ferguson, D. (2014, April 23). Campus Kitchen Project at IUPUI. Poster presentation at the Robert C. Bringle Civic Engagement Showcase and Symposium, Indianapolis, IN
  • Remington, D., Barton, N., Ferguson, D. (2014, April 11). Campus Kitchen Project at IUPUI. Poster presentation at IUPUI Research Day, Indianapolis, IN
  • Elliott, R., Aldrich, C., Alvarez, S., Barton, N., Evans, N., Franks M.A., & Herold, D. (2014, April 4). Flip It, Flip It, Good! Tips and Tricks for Flipping Your Classroom. Presented at the Edward C. Moore Symposium, Indianapolis, IN.

Research Interests

Stress prevention and management

Current Projects

  • I have been actively engaged with campus wellness activities beginning with my involvement with the IUPUI Wellness Coalition in 2004. I served as a leader with creating a tobacco-free campus in 2006 when I took part in an effort organized by Campus Facility Services to “De-Buttify” the IUPUI. My work with tobacco free interventions continued with service on tobacco education and awareness committees and Healthy IU committees.
  • I have influenced the growth of wellness activities on campus by being the faculty advisor of the Student Wellness Coalition (SWELL) since the registered student organization (RSO) began in 2007. I gathered interested students together to encourage the formation of the RSO and helped them create bylaws and a constitution. Students involved with the group both plan and execute health and wellness events such as the annual Great American Smoke Out, the development of a popular lunchtime yoga program and participation in student health fairs.
  • In 2014 I became the first faculty advisor of the Campus Kitchen at IUPUI (CKIUPUI). This new registered student organization (RSO) was developed to support the students who work with the food recovery and hunger relief efforts of the CKIUPUI. My role with this group is to assist the students in expanding campus connections and involvement with the project. The RSO also supports training and education of the students by providing funding to attend conferences and workshops.

Honors & Awards

  • Outstanding Poster FALCON conference November 2014 (FALCON is FACET’s Adjunct Faculty and Lecturer’s Conference, FACET is Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching)
  • Scholarship to attend FALCON Conference FACET award November 2014
  • Scholarship to attend FALCON Conference FACET award November 2013
  • Outstanding Woman Faculty Leader Nominee IUPUI Office for Women March 2012
  • Community Builder Award IUPUI Division of Student Life February 2009

Grants & Funding

  • Curriculum Enhancement Grant, IUPUI, Co-PI $5,000 2015
  • Faculty Learning Community Developing a Flipped Classroom, IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning, PI Professional Development, $1,000 2012
  • RISE to the IUPUI Challenge Curriculum Grant, IUPUI, PI $1,500 2012
  • Greening IUPUI Grant/Campus Kitchen, IUPUI Office of Sustainability, PI $15,000 2015


  • Engaging Students and Faculty with the IUPUI Campus Kitchen, IUPUI Center for Service Learning, January 2015
  • The Philosophy of Stress Presented on and off campus 2007-present
  • Humor and Laughter Therapy Presented on and off campus 2008-present
  • Mind/Body/Spirit Wellness Presented on and off campus 2008-present