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School of Physical Education and Tourism Management

Facility Rental

PETM Event and Operation Policies


The School of Physical Education and Tourism Management (PETM), located within the Natatorium, is responsible for coordinating and reserving the Natatorium’s facilities.  Specific policies have been developed to assist the School management team with the rental operations of the facility. These policies are not all-inclusive and do not limit the management team from making decisions or establishing additional policies based upon unique needs and/or circumstances. All policies were created with the intent to provide for the long-term care and maintenance of the facility, as well as provide fair access to facility space and other resources. No policy in this manual will have more authority than University policy.


Failure to comply with any policy or guideline outlined in this manual and/or any verbal or written requests from the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management (PETM) may result in action by the School to deny privileges, refer to proper authorities, and/or access appropriate charges.  Requests for exceptions to any of PETM’s policies should be referred to the Dean of the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management or their designee.


These facilities are in regular use by the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management, IUPUI Athletics, the Natatorium, and Campus Recreation.  Schedule permitting, other entities can access use of these facilities through a rental agreement.


Please read these policies. We want your event to be successful, and we have outlined policies to aid you with your event planning process. Failure to follow these policies could negatively affect your reservation and could result in additional costs or cancellation of your event.  In order to best accommodate your requests, please communicate accurate information, in a timely manner.


Organizations and the individual completing the request form are responsible for all charges, fees, and any damage resulting from the rental.  The sponsoring organization or individual will be assessed the full replacement costs for any damages.


Scope of PETM Facilities

The School of Physical Education and Tourism Management oversees the following facilities:


-Main gymnasium, also referred to as "The Jungle" by IUPUI Athletics (PE150)  

-Auxiliary gymnasium (PE156)  

-Instructional fields and softball field (east of Carroll Stadium)   
-Racquetball court (PE153)


Facility Hours

Monday thru Friday:  7:00am to 10:00pm

Saturday:  8:00am to 11:00pm

Sunday:  12:00pm to 9:00pm



Rental Eligibility

1.  IUPUI Registered Student Organization: Organizations must be properly registered with the Office of Student Involvement.  Student organizations not registered with the Office of Student Involvement will be considered a non-University organization.  Proof of status as a registered student organization will be required to rent space as a student organization.  A written contract will be created for all IUPUI Student Organizations with the exception of club sports.

2.  IUPUI Departments/Schools: Must be officially associated with IUPUI.  A written contract will be created.

3.  Non-University Organizations/Individuals: The purpose/mission of the individual/group or purpose of the event may not contradict the mission/purpose of IUPUI, at the discretion of the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management (PETM).  Space may not be used for non-university fundraising or religious services.  A written contract will be created.


Fee Structures and Criteria

Individuals or groups may use Natatorium space based on their classification. The different classifications are based on individual and group identification.  Pricing is based for a minimum of 5 hours.


Category A:  All registered student organizations recognized by Campus & Community Life.

Category B:  University departments/offices meeting to conduct business directly related to their function, operations, or mission of the university.

Category C: 
- Non-profit and non-university organizations sponsoring community service related events

-Government agencies sponsoring non-profit educational or service-related events
- School districts, including charter schools educational activities

-Non-profit and university department hosting conferences and workshops which registration and entrance fees are charged

-Non-profit organizations must provide a copy of their tax exempt certificate
Category D:

-Non-university clients and individuals without non-profit status         

-Students, employees or alumni of IUPUI hosting non-university related events


Billing (if charges are applicable)

1.  IUPUI organizations, departments and schools are expected to pay via internal billing or an IU Foundation account.  Billing is processed at the time the contract or authorization is received. Departments and schools must provide an account number and signature of the appropriate fiscal officer is due at the time the reservation is made. IUPUI registered student organizations will be billed for any additional fees following each event. IUPUI organizations not paid in full within 30 days risk having upcoming events cancelled, and no new requests can be made until paid in full.

2.  Non-IUPUI rentals must make a 10% deposit at time of signing the contract and the remaining balance is due 30 days in advance, failure to receive payments on time will result in cancellation of reservation.

Applicable Indiana sales tax will be added when appropriate.

PETM expects prompt payment of all charges. University departments and student organizations with university accounts will be required to provide an account number for any event for which charges will be incurred. For student organizations without a campus account, the individual student responsible for organizing the event will be held personally responsible for charges.     
3.  Organizations and departments with charges more than 30 days past due will be denied further use of any space in the Natatorium until all outstanding charges are paid. Student organization charges that are more than 60 days past due will be referred to the Dean of Students Office for disciplinary action.


PETM expects prompt payment of all charges. University departments and student organizations with university accounts will be required to provide an account number for any event for which charges will be incurred. For student organizations without a campus account, the individual student responsible for organizing the event will be held personally responsible for charges. 


Organizations and departments with charges more than 30 days past due will be denied further use of any space in the Natatorium until all outstanding charges are paid. Student organization charges that are more than 60 days past due will be referred to the Dean of Students Office for disciplinary action.

University Policies

1.  IUPUI Food Service, Four Course Catering, and Coca Cola USA are the only approved food service catering and beverage providers for PETM facilities. Event sponsors will receive a separate billing for any food /beverage expenses directly from Four Course Catering. Food and beverages from other sources may not be brought into event spaces in PETM facilities.  Four Course Catering may be contacted at 317-274-7566, or  Renters will be fined for bring food in from outside sources.

2.  No alcohol, no illegal drugs, and no drug paraphernalia are allowed in the PETM facilities.

3.  IUPUI is a tobacco free campus. Effective August 14, 2006, the use and sale of any tobacco product- cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff- will be prohibited on IUPUI owned, operated, and/or leased property. This Tobacco Free policy also bans the use of tobacco products in university owned, leased or operated vehicles. Advertising, sale or promotion of tobacco products and the sponsoring of campus events by tobacco companies or tobacco promoting organizations for the purpose of promoting tobacco related products is not permitted.

a.Complaints regarding violations of the policy should be referred to the appropriate administrative office: for faculty the Office of Academic Policies, Procedures, and Documentation; for staff, Human resources Administration; or the students, the Office of the Dean of Students.
b. Smoking and tobacco products are not permitted anywhere on campus.
4. Parking.  Guest parking for the PETM Building is available in the Sports Garage Departments/schools hosting events in PETM facilities should contact Parking Services regarding special event parking issues, concerns, and questions.

5.  Unauthorized firearms, weapons, ammunition, explosives, and other items that the Campus Police consider to be dangerous are prohibited on university property. This policy includes activities such as introducing, possessing, using, buying or selling firearms. Even if you have a valid state permit to carry the firearm, you are not authorized to carry the firearm on university property. Only law enforcement officers and other who have prior approval for the lUPUI Police Chief are authorized to carry a firearm on campus.

6.  When a fire alarm sounds, Indiana law requires the complete evacuation of the building. All building occupants should move at least 100 feet away from the building and may not block doorways or sidewalks. Moving 100 feet away will involve exiting the west end of the building and crossing University Boulevard or exiting the south end of the building toward Qualmish Ave.

7.  Students exhibiting disruptive behavior will be referred to lUPUI Police and to the Dean of Students Office for disciplinary action. Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to: lewd, indecent, or obscene conduct; disorderly conduct which interferes with teaching, research, administration or university or university-related activity; failure to comply with the directions of authorized university officials in the performance of their duties, including failure to identify oneself with requested to do so; acting with violence, and aiding, encouraging, or participating in a riot. Non­ students exhibiting disruptive behavior will be referred to IUPUI Police.


PETM Rental Policies

1.  Submitting a request form is only a request for space. Do not assume you have space until you receive an official confirmation through a mutually agreed upon and signed contract.  Requests for space will not be accepted over the phone.  You may fax, mail or email the completed Rental Request form to Rose Baker’s attention.  Contact information is found at the bottom of the Rental Request form.  If your request is denied, you will receive an email with that information. Do not advertise the use of any space until you have received a confirmation.

2.  Organization will be required to maintain and furnish proof of insurance in the minimum amount of $25,000 property damage and $1,000,000 public liability insurance to cover full period of occupancy.  This insurance shall not limit the Licensee’s liability under this agreement.  They must show satisfactory evidence of insurance, naming Indiana University and its agents as insured.

3.  Facility can be rented for only traditional uses as the facility must be maintained for daily use by The School of Physical Education and Tourism Management, IUPUI Athletics and Campus Recreation.  Examples are:  The main gym, also referred to as the “Jungle” (PE150) cannot be rented for dances or other activities that would place potential danger or damage to the floor surface.  The instructional field cannot be rented if the activity puts excessive wear on, or could harm the field or irrigation system.  Banned activities include the use of tents, trucks or hosting the javelin throw on the instructional field. 

4.  Athletic activities involving participants under the age of 18 are not allowed in the Jungle, as we are required to abide by all NCAA regulations.

5.  Renters must check their email for any questions or clarifications from PETM staff that will need to be answered before a space can be confirmed.  It is your responsibility to make sure that contact information on each request form is correct and current.

6.  Organizations may request the movable bleachers in the main gymnasium for an additional fee.  This must be requested at the time the initial request is made.

7.  All rentals will be cancelled in the event that the University is closed and/or classes are cancelled due to weather, natural disaster, or national emergency. Rentals will not be scheduled to take place anytime the University is closed including holidays.

8.  Participants will be expected to stay in the event area and will not have access to the entire building.

9.  The admission fee policy (if there is one) for the event will be clearly posted at the entrance of the event.

10.  All rentals in the Natatorium that are scheduled to last past regular building operating hours, must be monitored by IUPUI Police officers. Expect to have a ratio of one (1) Police officer for every 50 guests.

a.  IUPUI Police- Expect to pay no more than $50 per hour/per officer. Expect to have one officer for every 50 anticipated guests. There is a four (4) hour minimum. 

b.  Security guard(s) from ESG Security will be required to check ID's, wand individuals, and check bags, purses, etc... as guests enter the event.  The expense of hiring security guards to work the door is the responsibility of the rental individual/organization.  The exact type and number of security guards will be determined on a case-by-case nature based the exact nature and size of the event. Programs in the Natatorium must end no later than 2am. There is a limit of 250 individuals allowed to attend an event (The 250 person guest limit includes all members of the sponsoring organization(s) and all guests.)  The rate is $15 per hour. There is a four (4) hour minimum.

11.  The sponsoring individual/organization is responsible for all clean-up of the rental space.

12.  There is no storage space available in the building.

13.  When the safety of persons and/or property is in question or when state and local laws, and/or university regulations are being violated, IUPUI Police, the PETM staff monitor, and the event sponsor have the responsibility to direct the early shut down of the activity and the total evacuation of the premises. The ultimate authority to shut down an activity in progress resides with IUPUI Police and the PETM staff at the event.


Rental Decorations

1.  Freestanding displays must be utilized.

2.  Doorways, emergency exits, and fire equipment may not be blocked or obstructed.

3.  Confetti, rice, glitter, beads, marbles, flower petals, and feather boas are not permitted at any time.

4.  Nailing, tacking, or taping materials to walls, woodwork, windows, sprinklers, ceilings, projectors, or fastening display materials to draperies, or light fixtures, is not permitted.

5.  All display materials and decorations must be removed immediately after the event. A clean up fee will be charged for items not removed and if rooms are left messy.

6.  PETM is not responsible for any items left behind.

7.  Renters may be assessed a charge for damages in the Natatorium/ fields from improper use of decorations and displays.

8.  Candles, incense, and/or fire (or anything with an open flame) are not permitted anywhere in the Natatorium.  Limited candle use is only permitted for events with full catering service from Four Course Catering when catering staff is present and managing the event.

9.  Any balloons used inside must have sufficient ribbon attached to allow the balloon to be removed by a person of average height, at the end of the event.

10.  All rental space(s) should be left in the same condition in which they were set. A penalty fee will be charged to any group that does not comply.

11.  Damages and/or excessive cleaning as charged by Campus Facility Services for any services needed. There is a minimum $37 per hour charge for any additional cleaning.


Cancellations and No Shows

Rentals that fail to use reserved space and/or fail to cancel reserved space at least five  (5) business days prior to the event will be charged a late cancellation/no  show fee, as well as forfeit their rental fee. To the avoid late cancellation fee for a confirmed rental, written notice must be sent to Connie Purcell,  at least two (2) business days prior to the event (business days are Monday - Friday).

The following incremental fine system for meeting/event space has been implemented, using a July 1 –June 30th calendar year.

1st late cancellation/no show per year $50

2nd late cancellation/no show per year $75

3rd late cancellation/no show per year $100


*Food Service agreements with Four Course Catering have separate cancellation requirements.

The personal safety of those who participate in campus activities is of the upmost importance. Compliance with these policies and procedures, and state and local laws and university policy will be strictly enforced.


Penalty for Non-Compliance and Policy Violations

1.  The sponsoring organization is responsible for the actions of all event guests.  The event sponsor is responsible for ensuring that all event participants are aware of all relevant laws and University policies.

2.  Failure to comply, and violations of state and local laws and/or university policy will result in a loss of privileges, and an investigation into other possible penalties, including sanctions under the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct, against the sponsor will be initiated. Violations of University policies will be reported to the Dean of Students Office.

3.  A Three Strike Policy is in effect for all organizations.  Each time there is damage, a need for additional or excessive cleaning, or a violation of any law or University policy, the sponsoring organization will receive a Strike.  Notification of a Strike will be made via email to the individual that requested the rental space. After three (3) strikes an organization will lose the privileges to host an event for one calendar year. In the case of serious misconduct a loss of privileges may occur before Three Strikes have been attained. An organization may also be referred to the Dean of Students office for further disciplinary action anytime a Strike is issued.


If you are an IUPUI registered student organization, in good standing with the university, please go here to request space.

Rental Form

After reading and agreeing to comply with all policies, please complete the Rental Request Form and return (mail/email/fax) it to:


Connie Purcell
901 W New York St

Room 251D
Indianapolis IN


Phone: 317-274-0623

Fax:  317-278-2041


Please note:  by submitting the Rental Request Form you are only submitting a request.  Requests will be reviewed and you can expect to hear back from us within 1 week of submission.


We look forward to serving you!