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Charles Woods

Charles Woods, BS ‘04

Recently promoted to dean of students at Eastridge Elementary School in Indianapolis, Charles Woods was named 2010 Indiana Teacher of the Year for innovative teaching in his physical education classes. Through his PETM student teaching, he found his passion was elementary school. “It’s gratifying to mold them and watch them grow,” he says.

Physical Education Teacher Education

You’ll be more than a positive influence for youth. You’ll be a superhero. That’s why PETM students enter our program in Physical Education Teacher Education. You’ll transform lives by encouraging healthy, active lifestyles through your role as a physical education teacher. Our program for preparing physical education teachers is the oldest in the nation, and our faculty provide longstanding expertise in effective and innovative programming to promote youth physical activity.

Physical Education and Health Teachers Online Graduate Courses

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Program Benefits

Our degree program and curriculum meet all standards of the Indiana Department of Education and are founded on the guidelines of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education. You’ll study basic sciences, physical education, health, and teaching methods—all of which will prepare you to earn an all-grade Indiana teacher’s license for physical education. And you’ll have many options for student teaching.

Great Careers

In addition to becoming physical education school teachers, PETM graduates in Teacher Education also serve as team coaches and after-school program directors—and many of them are promoted to principal and other administrative school positions. You might also direct a youth camp or youth sports organization. The Physical Education Teacher Education job placement rate over the last five years is approximately 87%.