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Tourism, Conventions and Event Management Certificates

Students can enhance their TCEM undergraduate degree by earning certificates in special interest areas. In addition, working professionals often complete certificate coursework to enhance their job knowledge or prepare for other careers.

Health (Wellness) Tourism Certificate

The health/wellness tourism industry is described as a trillion-dollar business and is slated for exponential growth in the next ten years. Certificate graduates will find entry-level management opportunities in wellness centers, health spas, salons, exercise and fitness centers, spa associations, resorts, lifestyle transformation centers and healing retreats, to name a few.


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Cultural Heritage Tourism Certificate

Today, the tourism environment is more diverse and global than ever due to the integration of economies, societies and cultures. This certificate gives students the opportunity focus on TCEM courses that provide a more culturally diverse and global perspective. Course content and instructional methodologies appropriate to a culturally diverse and international student population are implemented. Students learn about cultural heritage tourism and event management across cultures, communities and countries.


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Sports Tourism Development Certificate

The sports tourism development option is an innovative program that blends the study of sport and tourism. This program offers remarkable insight into the growing world of sports tourism, and is set in the context of the increasingly international nature of sport participation and sport spectators.

This program combines both theory and practice to prepare students for opportunities in the sports tourism industry (e.g., amateur and professional sports; resort and tourism industries; parks and recreational centers).

In addition to knowledge and skills directly related to this program of study, students will also develop a range of other skills, such as: teamwork, analytical thinking, communication through academic study, volunteer work, and service-learning experiences.


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Beverage Management Services Certificate

This certificate is awarded through Purdue University and is designed to provide core knowledge of the wide range of wines, beers and spirits around the world. The coursework equips those in a supervisory capacity with the authority and confidence to make informed decisions in a wide variety of industry positions. These include: managers overseeing food and beverage departments or running upscale restaurants; and bars needing core information to advise management and customers with authority and to make informed selections of wines, beers and spirits.


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Travel Planning Certificate

Upon completion of the travel planning certificate, students will have a foundation upon which they can build their career in travel services. The certificate provides students with core skills in global geography, marketing, travel trends, travel segmentation, as well as experiential learning onboard a cruise line. In addition, this certificate is designed to provide students with a wider perspective of travel planning and how it fits into the arena of tourism and hospitality.


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Events Management Certificate

The events management certificate’s coursework enables students to select from an array of different and interesting segments of the event planning field. In addition to planning meetings, interested students may prepare for careers in special events including weddings, conferences, and festivals.

Students are also exposed to elements of sporting event management. For those with a specific interest in sales, there are opportunities in convention and meeting sales. The coursework goes beyond basic meeting planning. Students find themselves involved with meeting planning on a nonprofit and international level.

Opportunities are not limited to working for a specific event planning company. There are companies representing many industries who seek those with expertise in planning their diverse corporate events.


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Food Production Certificate

This certificate is awarded through Purdue University and is designed to provide a convenient, short-term set of courses for people who currently work in the food service industry and wish to upgrade their skills and obtain formal training in the areas of foodservice planning, preparation and evaluation.


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Lodging Management Certificate

This certificate is awarded through Purdue University and is designed for individuals in the early years of their lodging management careers who wish to develop a solid foundation of management concepts and skills. Participants gain essential management skills in the areas of general management, financial accounting, sales and foodservice sanitation.  In short, these courses are designed to build a foundation of skills to help new managers succeed and progress in their organization.


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