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Alyssa Gutierrez

Alyssa Gutierrez, BS ‘12

Alyssa Gutierrez is in graduate school for occupational therapy after discovering her passion for helping children and adults develop their motor skills through her hands-on experiences in the Exercise Science program at PETM. “I enjoy the gratitude I get helping people become more successful with daily activities. The little things are fundamental.”

Exercise Science

Expanding the boundaries of what the human body can do—run longer, reach farther, heal faster, be healthier—is what attracts Exercise Science students to the science of human movement. From laboratories to hospitals to Olympic stadiums, you’ll find IU School of Physical Education and Tourism Management (PETM) graduates making amazing research discoveries, rehabilitating lives, and exploring ways to improve the body’s function and health.

Gaining expert knowledge in exercise science is at the heart of health and well-being. If improving a person’s quality of life inspires you, join the IU PETM students and graduates who are applying their training to our nation’s growing health issues, such as diabetes and obesity.

Program Benefits

Exercise Science degree programs at IU PETM provide a broad science curriculum that is integrated with active participation in extracurricular programs and hands-on training. Through research, experiential service and learning, internships, and expert faculty supervision, we’ll prepare you for a variety of in-demand careers.

Great Careers

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, health coaching, sport performance—the need for professionals trained in exercise science is great and growing. And your career options will be far-reaching—you can apply your training in many meaningful, tangible ways and in a variety of fields. Many of our graduates become physical therapists. In the 2012–2013 academic year, 10 of the 38 IUPUI students enrolled in the Physical Therapy graduate program class were PETM Exercise Science majors. Many PETM graduates in exercise science go on to acquire degrees in medicine or health sciences.